I get stressed. You get stressed. We ALL get stressed.

But hold on, is there a natural way to relieve this stress?

Let me introduce you to the eastern practice of Acupressure –
the much less invasive cousin of acupuncture (you know the one with the needles).

While having its roots in the same principles as acupressure – meridians, there is one difference:

Treatment is done by using your hands, thumbs or elbows to massage and physically put pressure on these acupuncture points.

Well, talk is cheap so we’ve rounded up a few acupressure exercises specific to the relieving of stress. They are very convenient for you to do, in fact, they can be done whenever you’re feeling any type of stress and guess what?…it’s completely invisible to anyone else.


Image and detail from: TCM Points

This point is situated to the right and center of the forearm.

Use your thumb and index finger to massage and put pressure for around 5 – 10 seconds. You can go for longer if necessary.



Image and detail from TCM Points

This acupressure point is located in the front of the body, under the arm and just under the shoulder joint.

You should be able to reach this point using your thumbs on the same arm, you can actually reach both your right and left-hand side simultaneously.

Put some pressure with your thumbs, massage and breathe deeply for 10 seconds.



Image and detail from TCM Points

This acupressure point – at the edge of the wrist is a very easy point to access whenever stress hits.

Here is an easy way to find the point:

First trace a line down from your pinky finger till you reach the knobbly part of your wrist, then press lightly next to it and you should feel a hollow area. That’s what we’re looking for!

Now that we’ve found the point:

Starting on the left wrist first, give the hollow area a nice deep massage for about ten seconds. You might feel a slight ache, but that’s a good thing and to be expected. Repeat on the right wrist.


Did it work for you?

I hope it did and that you’re sitting up on cloud 9 right now all relaxed and Zen-like!

P.S You can also try any of the above massages using Argan Oil for more benefits!



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