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Give your beard the best treatment with Argan Green’s Beard Balm. Designed to soften even the toughest beards as well as moisturize the skin.

What does Beard Balm do?

  • Adds shine and body to your beard.
  • Reduces beard itch with its blend of essential oils.
  • Has a fresh, masculine fragrance.
  • Allows for healthy beard growth.


  1. Ensure your beard is clean and dry.
  2. Scoop out a thumb size amount of balm and rub it between your palms.
  3. Start from the neck and work upwards – make sure to rub the balm into the skin where your beard grows.
  4. Then run your fingers through your beard from top to bottom, make sure you spread the balm evenly through your beard – don’t forget the mustache area!
  5. You can then use a beard brush to style your beard as you need.
  6. The beard balm can be left in your beard till the next time you wash it.

Beard balm can be used up to thrice daily as needed.

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1 review for Beard & Mustache Balm

  1. Dani’yal Maneveld

    The Argan Green Beard Wax is nothing short of amazing. I never used to moisturize my beard and through a good friend, I first started using the beard oil also from Argan Green, but then discovered the balm. Both products are excellent. The balm removes ruff, moisturizes well and makes it very easy to comb through my beard as it makes it soft and smelling fresh. But the real bonus is that my beard shines so beautifully! My face doesn’t look dull anymore because of this amazing product. An unmoisturized beard looks dull and is hard to the touch. I’m already on my second pot of this absolutely amazing product and I’ll be buying a third one soon. The other plus is the price. Very affordable for what you are getting. Most balms are expensive but this one is affordable and most of all, it has an all natural compound so no bad things inside. I’ve recommended it to a few friends who are bold enough to wear their beard with pride as well.

    Thanks Argan Green, my daily regiment is incomplete if you never came to the rescue!

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