Culinary Argan Oil for Cooking & Eating – 200ml


A distinctive nutty oil that will add flavour to any dish.

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Among the many uses of argan oil for the skin and for your health, it can also be used in your food. Add a touch of Morocco to your cooking skills by using Argan Green’s Culinary Argan Oil in your food. It’s tasty and definitely good for you!

Benefits of eating argan oil:

  • Helps reduce cardiovascular diseases, obesity and various cancers according to research done.
  • Reduces harmful cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Powerful anti-oxidant function.
  • Good for diabetics – stabilizes blood sugar/insulin levels.
  • Reduces join and rheumatism pain.
  • Stimulates the nervous system and can build brain capacity.
  • Facilitates weight loss by improving digestion.

How does it taste?

It has a distinctive nutty taste and can be used to add flavour to any dish – sweet or savoury.

Some uses of Culinary Argan Oil:

  • Try it the traditional Moroccan way: dip a piece of bread in argan oil and then in a bit of honey and eat.
  • As a finishing oil on fish, vegetables, soups and pastas.
  • Great as a salad dressing.
  • Add more sweetness to your desserts.

These are just a few ways you enjoy argan oil in your food, your limit is your imagination!

Culinary vs. Cosmetic Argan Oil:

The difference between the two is in how the argan nuts are processed.

When argan oil is produced for eating, the argan nuts are roasted first and then grinded through a stone mill. This produces argan oil that has a deep nutty flavour and smell.

On the other hand when argan oil is manufactured for cosmetic use then the nuts are machine pressed without being roasted i.e cold pressed. A light oil is produced without a heavy smell.

Where to Buy

Argan Green’s Culinary Argan Oil is available from the following stores:

  • Clicks
  • Wellness Warehouse

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